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Partnership Opportunities Designed to Enhance Brand Awareness

Partnering with Shuffle Social allows your company to create a deep bond with a community that fosters collaboration and longevity. Our goal is to harness the strengths and abilities of strategic partners to allow us to offer services and solutions that provide value.

Why Partner With Shuffle Social?

As an Event Partner your company will not only help us better inspire and engage local professionals, but also provide your organization with the opportunity to connect directly with our members at each event.

We aim to better serve our community by merging talent, expertise, technology, and purpose while looking for new ways to drive collaborative innovation that delivers on what our community needs.

Become A Partner
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Become an event sponsor to reach a targeted audience, commit to an event partnership to enjoy value-added exposure throughout the year. Shuffle Social has created a comprehensive partnership opportunity that allows your brand to create the most tailored, timely, and valuable exposure for your brand. Our goal is to build a mutually beneficial partnership with your brand.

Become A Partner

Elevate your brand while helping Shuffle Social continue to bring together and inspire like-minded professionals. Partnership funds go directly towards event development and execution, as well as supporting Shuffle Social’s operational costs. Your partnership enables Shuffle Social to provide valuable resources that assist local professionals, creatives & entrepreneurs with their personal growth.
Shuffle Social offers two options for providing support while promoting your brand, allowing you to meet your individual marketing goals. We invite you to become an Event Partner or Event Sponsor to effectively reach professionals, creatives & entrepreneurs within the community.
  • Identify the gap and opportunity.
  • Work toward a common goal.
  • Communicate core offerings and values.
  • Generate the kind of energy that fuels growth, innovation, and creativity.

Event Partner

For the greatest annual exposure, your brand can become an Event Partner at one of three levels: Silver, Gold or Platinum. Your brand will enjoy the added benefit of receiving recognition as a valued Event Partner throughout the year. This includes logo placement on the Shuffle Social website and event pages, a company feature on the Event Partners page, monthly email newsletters, along with special mentions on social media. Becoming an Event Partner is a cost-effective, value-added option for continuous annual exposure in the Shuffle Social community.

Event Sponsor

Alternatively, your brand can become an Event Sponsor. This provides your brand with timely and tailored exposure at one of our incredible events in tune with your marketing budget and goals. All of our monthly networking events have 300+ attendees within the local professional community, from various industries as well as provide valuable exposure for your business.